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Children and Families

Bio-psychosocial assessment and intensive in-community (IIC) therapy offered through the Children's System of Care in New Jersey. 

A licensed clinician will come to your home and complete an intake, and if appropriate, follow up in-home / in-community therapy. To access this service, contact PerformCare at 877-652-7624 and request Therapeutic Alliance Group.


In office (out-patient) counseling tailored to meet you and/or your family's needs.

During your intake session, you and your therapist will design a plan best suited for you. 


We bring both understanding and caring to the therapeutic relationship. Our approach is strength based, we will work with you to recognize and build upon your existing skills. 


Are you struggling with sleep issues, depression, or attention difficulties resulting in performance anxiety? Are you struggling with a non-defined medical ailment? Are you looking for a Lyme Literate counselor?

Some people who struggle with anxiety and sleep disorders also have underlying neurobiological illness such as Lyme disease, mold illness, and metabolic imbalances. Your TAG therapist can work along side the integrative medical community to support you in navigating your journey.


Whether you seek ADD support, parenting skill enhancement, or the addressing of an obscure illness, we are here to support you.

"We challenge families and professionals to recognize and build upon their existing skills and aid clients in feeling empowered in their care"
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