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Tracy Hans, MS, LPC, ACS - Founder & Executive Director
Tracy Hans, MS, LPC, ACS
Founder & Executive Director
Tracy Hans, MS, LPC, ACS, is a Licensed Professional Counselor

with 20 years experience as a psychotherapist. She completed her

bachelor's and master's degrees in Psychology and has had extensive

training in interactive/activity based counseling. Tracy incorporates a

family systems approach to delivering personalized individual, group,

and family counseling.

In her work, she began to encounter an increasing number of people

struggling with attention and performance difficulties that led to

fatigue and pain. This prompted a close study of the interaction

TAG is expanding!
If you are a licensed clinician looking to do individual, group, or family work in either a community or an office setting, please download and fill out our Application for Therapists and submit it with your resume to 

between brain and behavior, and physical health and emotional well-being.

In 2007, Tracy began collaborating with physicians to improve her understanding of high complexity illnesses. She became fascinated by the dynamic interplay of infections, toxicity, and inflammation that can lead to neurological and psychiatric manifestations. After this, Tracy began facilitating professional trainings and developed a passion for delivering interactive workshops to help assess and meet the needs of people struggling with (often invisible) neuro-biological illness. 

In addition to providing counseling, Tracy currently facilitates groups, community events, and trainings to help patients feel empowered in their care and take an active role towards recovery and wellness. She guides them through the process of effectively managing their medical care and improving their understanding of factors affecting their illness. She utilizes neurofeedback and other interactive approaches to help patients cope with and heal from chronic illness.


About Our Team

In an effort to provide a diverse range of services to our clients, the TAG team is composed of professionals from different backgrounds. Despite our different skills and focuses, we all share a common goal: empowering our clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to live healthy and happy lives.

The TAG team currently includes:

  • 8 Licensed Psychotherapists

  • A Psychologist

  • A Neurotherapist

  • An MD/Medical Advisor 

  • A Certified ASL/Sign Language Interpreter

  • An Arabic Translator & Clinician

  • A Spanish Translator & Clinician 

Our collective expertise include:

  • Neuro-inflammatory conditions underlying mental health (chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and spectrum disorders)

  • Experiential therapy approaches

  • Cultural competencies

  • School-based services

  • Crisis intervention

  • Sexual victimization

We collaborate with Crossroads Center of NJ and Hudson Valley Functional Medicine in providing services for those with symptoms of ADD, OCD, Lyme disease/Tick Borne Illness, and PANS.


Board of Directors


Tracy Hans, MS, LPC, ACS

Vice President

Charles Markham, MA, LPC


Christopher DeSerio, MA


Jeffy Greenfield, MSW, LCSW


Sarah Levy, MSW, LCSW

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