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Professional Development for Therapists


  • On-site seminars and workshops for staff development in schools and social service/juvenile justice agencies. Topics include:


  • Positive Peer Culture & Therapeutic Community

  • Outdoor & Adventure Based Interventions

  • ADD From the Inside: Harnessing Hyperactivity

  • Healthy Risk Taking, Metaphoring for Change

  • Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Cultural Awareness

  • Counseling Outside the Box

  • Expanding My Behavioral Toolbox

  • Strengths Based Approaches to Mental Healthcare

TAG is currently seeking state approval for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for licensed counselors, social workers and psychologists who attend our workshops.

  • Clinical supervision (individual and group) for clinicians to expand their knowledge base in experiential intervention

  • Juvenile residential program evaluation and consultation


  • Materials on Attention Deficit Disorder, Lyme Disease, and other illnesses affecting the brain and behavior are available

Click the slide below to view a sample
TAG Professional Development PowerPoint presentation. 
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