Tactile Tools

Tactile Tools

My intention here is to create space for practitioners to share their ‘quick and easy, make-things-interesting communication tools. Below are some of the ones I use.

Please share your own tools or any thoughts in the comments. What's worked for you?

Tactile Tracking Tools to use in a pinch:

  • Penny: Share your thoughts (non-focused processing)

  • Magnet: What attracts you to this _______ (work, approach, activity, etc).

  • Flashlight: Share any bright ideas (portable light switch also available at dollar stores)

  • Insect: What's bugging you (adding levity/humor)?

  • Dice: What are the different sides to this situations (diffuse tension)

  • Compass: In which direction are we headed?

  • Pad Lock: What unlocked the answer/outcome?

  • Puzzle: What do we need to solve/figure out/work through this obstacle?

  • Key: What was the key to our success? or

  • Ruler: What was the measure of our success?

Tools for wrapping up the day or session:

What would you re-do if you had the chance?

  • Ring: What can you commit to?

  • Chain: How will you link with others to get this done?

  • Candle: Let's illuminate the path ahead. What will you do from here?

  • Balloon: What expanded you? (Sometimes we might feel deflated!)

  • Credit cards: Give credit where credit is due

  • Rubber bands: What was (or will be) a stretch for you?

  • Battery: What energized you?

  • Mirror: What did you see about yourself or what did you see reflected in others?

  • String: How do we pull things together?

  • Colored leaf: What changes will you make?

  • Eraser: What changes will you make to continuously improve?

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